What's new? November 2023 - Exciting Updates to the OneTap Dashboard and iOS App!

Hi, community! :wave:

Our team has been working hard on some new features and optimizations for the last few months that will enrich your OneTap experience. I am keeping you all informed about the changes we made to the Admin Dashboard and the Admin iOS App.

In this post, I’ll briefly discuss the changes and the wide range of new features you can now leverage.

Revamped Admin Dashboard:

Our Admin Dashboard has received a ton of new UX and UI changes with some new added features.

UI and UX changes

  • The list page refreshes upon using clear/reset list options.
  • Recurring list bug fixed → The bug didn’t let you choose today’s date if your recurring list reoccurs on the day that’s in the future.
  • Columns browser on the list is added
  • Add profile pages get a revamp
    • Filters are much faster now
    • New profiles adding modal
  • Avatars are better and cleaner
  • Profiles page is much faster
  • Export attendance modal is better and faster
  • Improved progress indicator on the bottom of the page (alert)
  • UI changes on the “Edit Column” modal
  • List → Remembers the visible custom fields
  • Profiles → Remembers the visible custom fields

New Features

Enhanced iOS App:

For our iOS users, we’ve rolled out an updated app that brings even more convenience to your attendance tracking process. From smoother user flows to enhanced functionality, you’ll notice the difference right away.

UI and UX changes

  • Revamped List Search → Easy to navigate through recurring lists in a nested view
  • KIOSK icon on top for ease of access
  • UX changes to clear/reset list option → Now the page refreshes automatically.
  • The profile details page looks better and works better
  • Add profiles screen page looks better

New Features

  • Added support for Archive lists → Can now archive lists on the iOS App
  • Avatars for Lists

How to Get Started:

Getting started with the new changes is easy! Simply log in to your Admin Dashboard or update your iOS App from the App Store to access the latest features.

Share Your Feedback:

As always, we value your feedback tremendously. These changes were made with your feedback in mind, and we’re eager to hear what you think. Have an idea for a feature? Notice something we could improve even further?

Let us know – your insights drive us to keep refining and enhancing OneTap.

Join the Conversation:

Feel free to join in the conversation on our community forum. Share your experiences, ask questions, and connect with fellow OneTap users. Together, we can make attendance tracking even more efficient and effective.

Thank you for being a part of the OneTap community. We’re committed to continuously improving and providing an outstanding attendance solution. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the near future!

Best regards,

Yuvaneet Yuvraj (Yuva)
Product Specialist, OneTap