Registrations are finally here 😎

Hi community,

We released a brand new feature!!
Registrations are now possible with OneTap. Registrations were always there, but we gave it some superhuman powers.

With this update, we added the following benefits

  1. Save time with registrations – ditch the export/import process.
  2. Collect more data – customizable forms.
  3. Branding – show off your logo and event cover image.
  4. Seamless workflow – continue check-ins inside one app.

Who is it for?
Our users use registration systems for a wide array of use-cases, but finally, we get an all-in-one workflow for the following use cases.

  • Class enrollment & check ins (schools/universities)
  • Event registrations & check ins (event organizers)
  • Visitor registration & sign ins (workplaces, buildings)
  • Meeting registrations & attendance
  • Member registrations & attendance (VIP membership programs, gyms, fitness studios)
  • Staff management & attendance (volunteers, staff)

How does it work?

  1. Click on a list and hit the β€œShare Registration Link” button.
  2. Customize the link and add your branding.
  3. Share the link with visitors or print the QR code.
  4. Visitors can scan the QR code and register on their mobile devices

Feature Specs

  • Customize the registration link by uploading a cover image to show off your event/brand
  • Customize the registration fields (information that the attendees will be filling out)
  • Add customized survey questions
  • Add a confirmation message that people will see after the registration
  • Check out the entire guide below to see what settings are available


Check out the complete guide on how to setup your registrations on our help center here