🚀 Introducing iOS Version 14: Elevating Your Kiosk Experience!

Hello, valued members of our community!

We’re thrilled to bring you the latest update, iOS Version 14, packed with exciting new features to revolutionize your Kiosk experience. Let’s dive right into what’s new:

Here’s a video of the latest changes and features added to iOS version 14 :point_down:t3:

Now, there are more customizations on the kiosk.

Public QR code

“I want my visitors to self-check in on their device and use the OneTap kiosk.”

  • The kiosk shows a new check-in method: public check-in QR; it’s the same QR code on the dashboard when you share a list.

Note: When the kiosk is pinned to a list, it’s the list-specific QR (public check-in link for that list); otherwise, it’s the universal check-in link.

You may turn this feature OFF in the settings.

Registration only mode

“I only want new people to register on the kiosk.”

  • Set the “Who can check-in” to just “New” AND disable all the check-in options, the main text box will say “Tap here to register” and prompt the registration form.

QR/Barcode Scanner only mode

“I only use the QR scanner, all my visitors (or members) already have QR codes.”

  • Enable the “Pass Scanner” in the “Check-in Options” settings, and the main text box will say, “Tap here to scan your pass …”

Check-in code only mode

“I only want people with an existing check-in code to check in.”

  • Turn on the “Search: Check-in Code” in the setting “Check-in Options” and set the setting “Searched Profiles” to “Searched”, the visitors will be able to type in their PIN/check-in code and display the matching profiles.

Privacy - Who’s names are visible

“I don’t want everyone’s people’s names to be visible on the search screen.”

  • Set the setting “Searched Profiles” to “Searched” so only people matching the search query or check-in code show up on the screen.

New Registration Form

“I want to customize the registration form to collect more information from the visitors.”

  • In the setting “Customize Registration Form,” show or hide the custom fields.

Note - these are the same custom fields used by your profiles (on the dashboard) with different types like date, numbers, yes/no, list of options, etc.

User Experience Improvement

“I want the visitors to always start on the home page … the main screen with the welcome message.”

  • After every check-in, the visitor will start on the home page so the next visitor can read the instructions.

These new features are designed with your needs in mind, offering unparalleled flexibility and customization for your Kiosk. We can't wait for you to explore these enhancements and witness their positive impact on your Kiosk experience.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community, and stay tuned for more exciting updates on the horizon. Your feedback fuels our progress, and we’re committed to providing you with the best tools for your unique attendance needs. :star2::handshake::globe_with_meridians:

Let us know what you think about this update. :smiley: