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As a son of an Air Force veteran myself, It gives me immense pleasure to share another truly inspiring story from one of our valued users, Honor Flight Northeast Indiana. As the Community Admin, I am honored to bring attention to their remarkable odyssey and the profound positive changes that OneTap has brought to their operations.

About Honor Flight Northeast Indiana

Honor Flight Northeast Indiana is 1 of 126 “hubs” located around the USA that exist to celebrate and honor American Veterans by taking them to Washington DC to visit and reflect at the memorials built in honor of their sacrifices and the eternal sacrifices of those that never returned from war or conflict. Our “hub” is located in Fort Wayne Indiana and take 4 flights of 85 Veterans and 85 Guardians along with a member of our volunteer staff each year. We began back in 2008 with our first flight in 2009. In May 2023 we will be taking our 42nd chartered flight. Each chartered flight is fully funded 100% by donations only from the public and local businesses that support our Veterans. Our team is all volunteers with no salaries and everything we do is by donation. The cost of 1 trip is approximately $135,000 US dollars. Again, all paid for by donations.

:pray:t3: Thank you! Honor Flight Northeast Indiana’s service to our veterans, honoring their sacrifices, is truly commendable :slightly_smiling_face: - OneTap Team

Why take attendance?

HFNEI used to manage attendance manually, using paper-based checklists to track participants at each stop during their Washington DC trips. However, this method proved to be inefficient. They experimented with other attendance apps before discovering OneTap.


Before adopting OneTap, HFNEI faced challenges with their manual attendance management process during their Washington DC trips. The reliance on paper checklists and manual tracking posed various issues, including inefficiencies and potential errors. Here are the specific pain points and drawbacks they experienced before implementing OneTap:

:stopwatch: Time-consuming process: Marking attendance manually on paper checklists was a time-consuming task for the bus leaders. They had to individually check off names as participants boarded or were called over the microphone at each stop, which led to delays and slowed down the overall check-in process.

:warning: Error-prone: Managing attendance manually on paper introduced the risk of errors. With multiple participants and stops, there was a higher chance of misplacing or misidentifying names, causing confusion and potentially affecting the accuracy of attendance records.

:pick: Lack of efficiency: The manual paper-based process was inefficient in terms of managing and organizing the attendance data. It required physical handling of paper checklists, which could be misplaced or damaged, leading to difficulties in accessing and updating the information when needed.

:speech_balloon: Limited visibility and communication: The paper checklists provided limited visibility into participant information. It was challenging to quickly access additional details such as phone numbers or traveler types (Veteran or Guardian), which were important for effective communication and smooth coordination during the trips.

:chains: Cumbersome logistics: Coordinating attendance and making adjustments, such as moving participants between buses based on specific requirements, was cumbersome with the paper-based system. It involved manually reorganizing names and informing bus leaders about changes, leading to potential confusion and logistical challenges.

:bar_chart: Absence of real-time updates: The paper checklists lacked synchronization across different devices, making it difficult to have real-time updates on attendance. This created challenges for trip leaders to monitor the status of participants and ensure everyone was accounted for during each stop.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Limited scalability: With the growth of HFNEI and an increasing number of trips and participants, the paper-based attendance management system became less scalable and more prone to errors. They needed a solution that could accommodate their expanding operations efficiently.

The shortcomings of the previous manual attendance management process highlighted the need for a more streamlined and efficient solution. HFNEI sought an alternative that would address these challenges and enhance their overall trip experience, leading them to explore and ultimately adopt OneTap.


After adopting OneTap, HFNEI experienced significant improvements in its attendance management system during their Washington DC trips. The app’s check-in feature, repurposed to meet their needs, revolutionized the way they tracked participants at each stop. Here are the key changes and benefits they observed after adopting OneTap:

:memo: Customized lists for each stop: HFNEI created customized lists within OneTap, representing each stop on their trip. They had four lists, corresponding to the four buses used during the day. This organization allowed bus leaders to easily access the relevant list and manage attendance for their respective bus.

:white_check_mark: Streamlined check-in process: OneTap simplified the check-in process for HFNEI. Bus leaders could use the app to quickly check off names as participants boarded or were called over the microphone. This streamlined approach eliminated the need for manual paper checklists, saving time and reducing errors.

:information_source: Integration of custom fields: OneTap’s custom fields feature proved invaluable for HFNEI. They were able to add custom information such as phone numbers, traveler types (Veteran or Guardian), and travel partner names. This enhanced communication and facilitated easy identification of participants, improving overall coordination.

:calling: Real-time synchronization: OneTap’s synchronization capability across multiple iPads using cellular service provided real-time updates. Trip leaders could easily monitor attendance and ensure everyone was present before moving on to the next location, enhancing efficiency and organization.

:speech_balloon: Improved communication and tracking: With custom fields and the ability to add phone numbers, HFNEI could easily reach participants who hadn’t reported back to the bus. This eliminated the need for extensive searches and ensured a quicker and more effective communication process.

:eyes: Enhanced visibility for trip leaders: OneTap allowed trip leaders to have a comprehensive view of attendance. They could easily check that all participants were present and ready to move on to the next location. This improved the overall flow of the trip and reduced delays.

:pencil2: Flexibility for adjustments: OneTap offered flexibility when adjustments were needed. If a participant required a wheelchair lift and their bus was full or the lift was not working, HFNEI could easily move individuals from one list to another using the website. This simplified logistics and ensured a smooth check-in process.

:studio_microphone: Engaged support team: HFNEI appreciated the support provided by the OneTap team. They were responsive to any issues or suggestions for improvements, ensuring a positive user experience and ongoing enhancements to the app.

Overall, OneTap revolutionized HFNEI’s attendance management process, providing a seamless and efficient solution for tracking participants during their trips.


OneTap provided several advantages for HFNEI. The app’s customizable fields allowed them to include additional information, such as phone numbers and traveler types (Veteran or Guardian), facilitating efficient communication and easy identification of individuals if they didn’t return to the bus promptly. The synchronized check-in feature across multiple iPads, using cellular service, proved invaluable for the trip leader to confirm everyone’s presence and proceed to the next location smoothly.

Furthermore, HFNEI expanded the use of OneTap beyond daily stop check-ins. They now use it during the morning when participants first arrive to ensure everyone is on-site. The support team has been responsive to addressing any issues and considering suggestions for improvement.

OneTap’s flexibility also enables HFNEI to make adjustments during the trip. If someone needs to be transferred to another bus due to specific requirements, such as a wheelchair lift or bus capacity limitations, HFNEI can easily move individuals between lists on the website. The bus leaders’ iPads promptly sync with the changes, ensuring a seamless check-in process.


We are delighted to celebrate the transformative partnership between OneTap and HFNEI (Honor Flight Northeast Indiana). This collaboration has brought about remarkable changes in attendance management during HFNEI’s Washington DC trips, revolutionizing their operations and delivering outstanding results.

And … let’s take a moment to honor and thank Honor Flight Northeast Indiana - an incredible organization and its commitment to the veterans who served the country.

This story was shared by,
Michael Thena, USAF Veteran
Technology Coordinator at Honor Flight Northeast Indiana
Learn more about HFNEI on their website

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