Church schools - Getting Started Guide

The Problem:

  1. Students, kids of different ages, come in and get dropped off at the school.
  2. Need to keep track of visits for campus security.
  3. Liability - For the safety of the student, cannot be sent home with the wrong person.
  4. Parents may inquire about their children.
  5. Don’t know if visitors have symptoms of COVID-19.

The Ideal Solution:

  1. A system to quickly track check-in and out, record pickups.
  2. Set up a check-in process, using an iPad so visitors can do it on their own.
  3. Record who can pick up the child.
  4. Record who has picked up a child.
  5. Speed up check-in times, leave visitors with a good impression.
  6. Run reports quickly.
  7. Screen visitors for COVID.

Most businesses and school staff are tired of paper sign-in sheets, it’s too slow, and there’s a lot of back-office work is involved to see who left with who.

A short presentation on the problem, alternatives, and solution:

Product walkthrough/demo:

The benefits of OneTap:

  1. Reduce manual labor.
  2. Speed through the check-in process.
  3. Reduce business liability — always know where kids are, who they left with. Keep children safe and campus secure.
  4. Leave visitors with a good experience.