Check-in and Check-out All

Hi, community! :wave:

As requested by many users, We are thrilled to introduce the one-click check-in and check-out all with OneTap.


  • Less work for admins. Simply check-in and check-out all the participants on your list when required.

  • Students keep forgetting to check-out of the list? Admins can check-out all with a single click to get accurate attendance data.

Who is it for

  • Universities & Schools

    • Teachers and professors can easily check-in and check-out all the students before and after their classes, so they can focus on teaching and don’t have to deal with attendance.
  • Event organisers

    • Seminar is about to start? Check-in all your attendees with a single click.

How to Get Started:

Getting started with the new changes is easy! Log in to your Admin Dashboard or update your iOS App (coming soon) from the App Store to access the latest features.

Check out this help desk article that discusses the feature in detail and will guide you on leveraging it.

Share Your Feedback:

As always, we value your feedback tremendously. These changes were made with your feedback in mind, and we’re eager to hear what you think. Have an idea for a feature? Notice something we could improve even further?

Let us know – your insights drive us to keep refining and enhancing OneTap.

Join the Conversation:

Feel free to join in the conversation on our community forum. Share your experiences, ask questions, and connect with fellow OneTap users. Together, we can make attendance tracking even more efficient and effective.

Thank you for being a part of the OneTap community. We’re committed to continuously improving and providing an outstanding attendance solution. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the near future!

Best regards,

Yuvaneet Yuvraj (Yuva)
Product Specialist, OneTap

When will we have Scan and Go feature back?

Hi, @2099management, thanks for joining the community and for your comment.
Can you elaborate on what you expect when you say, “When will we have Scan and Go feature back?”

Do you mean removing multiple steps/taps for the users to check in via passes?

Current Kiosk

  1. Tap here to scan your pass

  2. Scan

  3. Tap Check In button …processing then You are all set. go back to Please Check In Screen

  4. Start process again

We would like to just scan and go with the Kiosk you had before. just Scan then go, then next scan. Please bring it back or add Scan and Go Only option

Before we just open the Kiosk scan (with tiny camera view)

  1. Scan

  2. Thank you for Checking then it goes back to 1. Scan

it’s faster to check in.

any update? the current kiosh check in is so lengthy/steps